Common Reasons Why the Tooth Needs to Be Extracted

Believe it or not, the teeth are durable enough that they can last a lifetime, thanks to the enamel (considered as the hardest substance in the human body) that encases each tooth. However, no matter how strong teeth are, these are not indestructible and can be subjected to extraction for a specific reason.

tooth extraction


Tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures experienced by many. It refers to the process of the removal of the tooth out of its socket in the bone. Extracting a tooth is sometimes necessary; that is why we at Falls Pointe Dentistry have prepared some of the common reasons why a tooth needs to be removed. Continue reading below:

Extreme tooth damage from decay or trauma

A tooth suffering from severe decay or infection may require removal. When detected during its early stages, preserving the natural tooth is often possible. However, when the tooth has already undergone extreme decay, saving and preserving it may seem too impossible. When this occurs, extracting the tooth may be the only option to prevent the neighboring teeth from experiencing the same issues.

A significant injury or trauma to the tooth can also be a reason for tooth extraction; this includes situations wherein the tooth is severely chipped, cracked, or broken, which may cause damage to the gums and other teeth eventually. As a result, removal of the tooth becomes necessary.

Gum disease

Gum disease is a condition that refers to the infection of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. If left untreated, it can cause destruction to both teeth and gums. The advanced stage of gum disease can cause degeneration of the gum tissue, ligaments, and bone that support the teeth. As these supporting structures of the teeth deteriorate, the teeth become loose and eventually fall out on their own or may require extraction.

Overcrowding of the teeth

Tooth extraction is sometimes performed as part of a patient’s orthodontic plan. When a patient’s teeth are severely overcrowded, the dentist or orthodontist may recommend the removal of the permanent teeth. This helps in creating enough room for the remaining teeth to be aligned appropriately.

Improper development of the teeth

Tooth extraction may also be required when a tooth does not erupt through the gums or becomes impacted. This abnormal development of the teeth puts them at a higher risk of becoming infected or be associated with other complications, such as pain and inflammation. It is for these reasons why teeth with abnormal development can be subjected to removal.


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