Floss Pick Facts For Raleigh

dental flossingHealth-conscious people want to keep their teeth as clean as possible. But they’re also looking for convenience. That’s why many of them turn to floss picks instead of traditional dental floss. The team at Falls Pointe Dental in Raleigh has some observations about those little tools.

Admittedly, they are quite handy. They have a pointed handle that can double as a toothpick, and a length of floss strung in a U-shaped groove. They are reasonably priced and can be used more discretely than floss.

While this may seem like a dream come true for those hoping to make flossing a more regular part of their oral health routine, floss picks are still a step below actual floss when it comes to effectiveness.

Only stardard, string dental floss has been approved by The American Dental Association for cleaning in between teeth. One issue is that floss picks can’t curve and form the angles needed for superior cleaning.

So, what is a responsible person to do? If you love floss picks, continue to use them when convenient. But try to use regular dental floss daily, especially right before bedtime.


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