New Protein For Dental Implant Patients

Countless people have replaced missing teeth with dental implants. Unlike a bridge, a dental implant consists of a titanium post anchored to the jaw bone. The bone meshes with the post to create a strong base for the natural-looking prosthetic tooth and crown that attaches to the post.

microscope examination

Dental implants are usually the perfect restoration for people who want to replace a missing tooth. There is a problem, however, if the jaw bone is too thin at the implant location.

When a tooth is extracted, the bone loses the blood circulation where the root used to be. Consequently, bone recession often transpires. If the recession is extreme, there is not enough bone to hold the dental implant post.

Bone grafting can augment the bone at the implant site and provide the bone density necessary for a successful implant. This is usually effective, but it does require time for the new bone to be produced. A new discovery may provide a quicker solution for regenerating bone.

Researchers at the Georgia Health Sciences University College of Dental Medicine have identified a protein that quickly stimulates the production of new bone. The research team implanted bone morphogenetic protein in test subjects and discovered that “more new bone formed within four weeks than with conventional bone grafting.”

This is very promising, but requires additional testing before it is available for dental implant patients.


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