Why Look For The Seal?

a lady holding a toothbrushHere’s a word of advice from the dentists at Falls Pointe Dental in Raleigh: when you go to the store looking for any dental care product, make sure your purchase carries the seal of the American Dental Association. This is a simple way to make wise choices for the products you need to keep your mouth clean, healthy and free of cavities.

You can depend on the American Dental Association (ADA), which only places its seal on a product after it has been evaluated to be safe as well as effective. This typically means that companies have to meet standards even higher than those required by law.

Making sure to purchase products with the ADA seal is practically like shopping with a dentist right by your side!

The best way to maintain your dental health is to brush and floss your teeth twice a day, using only those products that have the ADA seal of approval. We also want to see you in our office for a cleaning and checkup every six months. This is the best way to not only ensure healthy teeth and gums, but be checked for signs of issues like oral cancer.


At Falls Pointe Dental in Raleigh, your dental health is of the utmost importance. Our services include general and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule your next cleaning and checkup with us today.